Each artist that submits an application for the DABL Market, 2017, has the opportunity to partake in Flourish!, a four-part professional development series on the Business of Art, led by The ArtWrite Collective. Registration is open to the public at $20 per class, or $50 for the entire series. Space is limited to 40 artists per class, so register early. 

All classes will be held at Arts + Literature Laboratory:

2021 Winnebago Street
Madison, WI 53704

For artists that didn't submit and need financial assistance, please contact danearts@countyofdane.com


ArtWrite Collective is a community arts organization using art for social justice. ArtWrite connects artists to paid labor, supports the work of activist artists, and fosters creative leadership among local youth around Dane County.

Learn more about The ArtWrite Collective here.


Flourish! is a program designed to empower artists, writers, and performers by providing a series of workshops about fair pricing, intellectual property, and how to navigate biases in the art world. Come learn with us and join a community of artists who are engaged, empowered, and ready to shape our communities for the better.


Arts + Literature Laboratory is a nonprofit community art space that showcases the work of visual, literary, and performing artists. We aim to bring creative individuals together and spark innovative collaborations.

Programs include exhibitions featuring local and national artists, readings and other literary arts events, workshops, concerts, and much more.

Learn more about ALL here.



Wednesday, 9/6/17

Marketing: It’s Not Just for Capitalists!
Facilitated by Jenie Gao

Having your story heard can bring your art the attention it deserves--even when you're burnt out on sales or self-promotion. We'll discuss sustainable strategies for branding and storytelling as well as how to establish relationships with your clients. This is a holistic look at marketing with attention given to the skills needed to be successful.

Wednesday, 9/13/17

“What do I charge?” Pricing Your Creative Labor
Facilitated by Rhea Ewing

Are you charging what your work is worth? How much should you charge for a painting? How about for that corporate commission? Regardless of the type of art you make, understanding the value of your work is vital to a successful career. We'll discuss market pricing, building an hourly rate, and whether or not that "exposure" you hear so much is really worth pursuing.

Wednesday, 9/20/17

Taxes for Artists
Facilitated by Stephanie Potter

Did you know you can take art supplies as a business expense on your taxes? How about those printing costs? Filing your taxes correctly can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Whether your budget is big or small, this workshop will show you the basics of filing your taxes right and have more resources to spend on your art, life, and community.

Wednesday, 9/27/17

Leveraging Local Opportunities
Facilitated by Alaura Seidl

During this interactive session, we will connect artists to a range of local resources and opportunities that exist to support economically viable creative careers; we will also discuss the skills, communities, and work flows that can create both growth and sustainability in an art career.