Each artist that submits an application for the DABL2019: Two Day Art Market has the opportunity to partake in the DABL Professional Development workshop series, a four-part workshop series on the Business of Art. Registration is open to the public at $25 per class, or $50 for the entire series. It's free for DABL artists. Space is limited to 40 artists per class, so early registration is encouraged. For artists that didn't submit and need financial assistance, please contact danearts@countyofdane.com

All classes will be held at Promega:

BioPharmaceutical Technology Center
5445 East Cheryl Parkway,
Fitchburg, WI 53711

Room: 122





Wednesday, 9/4/18

Social Media for Artists - 101
Facilitated by Daryna Ou

In this workshop, Daryna will share social media strategies that will help you stay active and up-to-date while saving time. Participants will be provided with a toolkit to help them organize, create, and curate content for the rest of the year. This workshop is for beginner to intermediate skill levels with a primary focus on Instagram and Facebook. Laptop and mobile device required.

Wednesday, 9/11/18

Demystifying the Grant Writing Process
Facilitated by Tom Lindfield

Writing successful grant proposals requires special skills. Informative and fun, this hands-on, interactive workshop will increase your grant writing prowess whether you’re a novice or a pro. The workshop, presented by an artist who has worked with grants for his entire career, will blend the practical skills of the application process with insight from the grantmaking side.  As part of the class, participants will write and critique a grant proposal. The goal is to help you better communicate your ideas, plan your proposals with specific foundations in mind, and help your grants “sing.” 

Wednesday, 9/18/18

Artrepreneurs Selling B2B v B2C
Facilitated by Walter Jankowski

What if you could sell 10 works to a business (B2B) versus selling one at a time to individuals (B2C)? In this hands-on session, we will discuss some best practices that Artrepreneurs can use to sell their business to businesses.  We will show several tools and techniques that can produce big gains for your business. Topics will include:

1. So, You Want To Be an "Artrepreneur" - An Assessment

2. Identifying Your Target and Lead Customers

3. Now, Let’s Go Meet Your Customers - Making Those Connections

4. Vision of What Could Be

5. Wrap Up

Wednesday, 9/25/18

Business Planning for Artists: (Re)Envisioning The Art Career You Want To Have
Facilitated by Helen Klebasadel

Join professional artist Helen Klebesadel for a workshop to help you better envision where you want to go artistically and professionally, and to begin to chart a path to get there, defined by your personal values and career goals. This professional development session is designed to help artists apply creative problem solving to their careers.