What is a DABL Pledge to Purchase?

The Pledge to Purchase provides businesses in Dane County a meaningful way to directly support the work of local artists. Starting at $100, support may be pledged by businesses to purchase art during the event in return for advertising through Dane Arts Buy Local. The only commitment DABL asks of Pledgers is that they attend the event and purchase what they pledge. It’s a win-win-win for the artists, businesses, and local creative economy!

How does the DABL Pledge to Purchase work?

Businesses complete the Pledge to Purchase form:

  1. Business name

  2. Contact information

  3. Amount of pledge ($100 + $100 increments)

  4. Indicate the kind of art you love

  5. Provide ad for program (if pledging $500+)

Someone attends the DABL event to represent the business:

  1. Check-in

  2. Receive Pledge to Purchase badge

  3. Purchase art

  4. Indicate business name on artist’s ledger

Dane Arts Buy Local does not collect any money from pledges upfront. Pledges are honorary and totaled from artist ledgers after the event. 30% of Pledge to Purchases are given to DABL by artists as a commission. All participating artists agree to pay a 30% for their involvement, unless opting into donating art that will be sold at the Dane Arts Market Holiday Pop-up Market.

What do DABL Pledge to Purchasers receive?

Logo recognition on website

One shoutout on Facebook event page

Listed and linked on the Facebook event page

Emcee mention during event

Print advertising in program for those pledging $500 and above:

  1. ¼ page // 2.75 x 4.25 in ($500+)

  2. ½ page // 5.5 x 4.25 in ($1,000+)

  3. Full page // 5.5 x 8.5 in ($2,500+)

Pledges must be made by September 18th to secure ad space

Ad designs are due by September 25th

Ads must be print ready

No bleed, full color

See ad spec diagram below for a visual reference (diagram not to scale)

Ad Specs.png
DABL p2p v 4.jpg