Who can submit to be a part of DABL?

Visual artists that reside in Dane County. DABL has seen media ranging from drawing to neon sculptures. If it can be set-up in a 45 square foot booth (8’ x 6' and 10’ x 4.5”), you should submit to be a part of DABL.


Who attends DABL?

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect local artists to the business community. Artists will have the chance to sell their work to and connect with business owners, executives, art buyers and employees from some of Dane County’s top companies.


What happens at DABL?

The night will be full of art, music, performance, gourmet appetizers, business panel discussions and shoppers.


Does DABL offer anything to help artists prepare?

Each artist selected for DABL will have an opportunity to partake in Flourish!, a four part workshop series on the Business of Art, led by the ArtWrite Collective. These classes are also open to other artists in the community to participate. Classes are free for DABL artists and $20 per class for non-DABL artists.


Are there any other incentives for artists beyond exhibiting at DABL markets?

All DABL applicants are also submitted to the pool of candidates for the following year’s Dane Arts Poster and Calendar competition. In addition to this additional art submission opportunity, all applicants can attend the Flourish! series free of charge. Cash prizes and gift cards may also be given out (depending on the year’s sponsors).


What happens if an artist doesn’t get accepted?

Artists that aren’t accepted can still attend the Flourish! workshop series, as well as be submitted to the pool of candidates for the following year’s Dane Arts Poster and Calendar competition. Cash honoraria of up to $500 will be awarded to Poster and Calendar artists.


What do exhibiting artists need to bring to DABL markets?

Exhibiting artists will need to provide all displays, tables, lighting, hardware and chairs for their space. Electricity may be limited, so extensive lighting may not be possible unless it is battery powered. DABL provides the space and production; artists should plan on providing the rest.


How big are booth sizes?

At the US Bank DABL location in Madison, WI, booth sizes are 8’ x 6' and 10’ x 4.5”, depending on your location in the lobby.


Does it matter where I live if I’m an artist that wants to participate in a DABL market?

Artists must reside in Dane County. No exceptions.


Do artists need to pay any commissions on art sold at DABL markets?

Artists will be required to pay Dane Arts 30% of their total sales from the evening. All funds received for this event will be recirculated back into future DABL events and activities. Dane Arts doesn’t require commissions from art sold post events. However, contributions help further the opportunity for everyone.


How are transactions handled?

Artists are responsible for handling their own transactions. Because of this, all artists are encouraged to be ready to accept credit cards with a smart device. Square is a great option that is free to setup and takes a nominal percentage per transaction. To ensure the card reader is received on time, artists should plan on setting up an account at least two weeks for the DABL event they are participating in if they do not have one.


Is there an application fee?

There is a $25 non-refundable application fee to apply for this event.


Where do DABL markets take place?

Currently, DABL markets take place in the US Bank building located at 1 S. Pinckney St. on the Capitol Square in Madison, WI. Location is subject to change, and our goal is to grow DABL market opportunities outside of Madison to benefit the broader Dane County community.


When does DABL take place?

Currently, DABL takes place in early/mid October. Date for 2017 TBD. 


How many artists can participate in DABL?

At the US Bank location in Madison, WI, 25-30 artists are accepted. The final number of accepted artists depends on the number of tabling organizations are present.


Is parking available for artists?

While this depends on the location of the specific DABL event, artists can plan on the parking being reserved for loading and unloading on the street of any venue a DABL event is held. Logistics and specific streets will be emailed to artists prior to each event to plan accordingly.


Is electricity provided for booths?

Yes, but it may be limited.


Does DABL provide anything to display art?

Other than the venue and limited electricity, no. All artists should bring their own tools, materials, and equipment needed to setup their booth area. 


Will there be anyone available to help artists set-up?

While there will be several volunteers available to help during load-in, set-up, and break-down, assistance will be limited. Artists are encouraged to bring at least one person that can help with logistics day of.


How long does it take to setup a booth?

It depends on the artist, the complexity of their setup, and how prepared the artist is. On average, prepared artists setting up 50 sq/ft booths take about four to six hours.


Why should artists submit?

This is an enormous opportunity for local artists to sell their art to local buyers, and for local buyers to have a guaranteed opportunity to purchase art locally. In addition to the economic value, artists have the opportunity to participate in workshops that will help them better establish the business component of their craft. DABL is also a great way to connect and engage with other artists in the community. So maybe the more important question is "Why wouldn't you?"


If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please contact dablmarket@gmail.com