In order to better organize updates as they pertain to Dane Arts Buy Local, we’re going to use a blog format to make posts. This will allow artists and the community to contribute ideas and expand on what’s shared. The DABL team will use what’s contributed to shape the overall development of the program.

Here are some of the posts that you can expect to be found in this blog:

  • save-the-date announcement

  • call-for-artists announcement

  • announcing selected artists

  • general promotional updates

  • meeting notes for feedback

Here are some important things to keep in mind if you’re going to contribute:

  • you can comment as a guest, or by creating an account on Squarespace. If you create an account you won’t need to give your name every time you post.

  • someone from the DABL team will respond to comments directed at the team weekly.

  • nobody from DABL will respond to comments between November and February because nobody is under contract at this time.

  • if you have a comment for the DABL team that doesn't get a response, please email directly.

  • respect everyone sharing, and their ideas.

Thank you for participating in developing Dane County’s local creative economy!

DABL is a Dane Arts affair.